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Glory Benefit(HK) Limited dedicated to minimizing the transaction risks for our customers, and protecting their interests while performing scientific cautious professional quality control inspections. A sound code of ethics is at the heart of our activities and business processes. Glory Benefit(HK) Limited promotes a corporate culture based on the following principles:

Independence and Fair

Our inspection works are performed independently from any undue external commercial and financial factors at all times and in all places,using the most rigorous method in a highly accurate manner to produce an unbiased result.

All Glory Benefit(HK) Limited members are committed to abide by the Glory Benefit(HK) Limited Code of Business Ethics to ensure that no undue inspection would be produced under the improper human behavior.

No Glory Benefit(HK) Limited employee shall directly or through intermediaries, acquire an interest in a supplier, customer or competitor of Glory Benefit(HK) Limited.

Conflicts of interests or the appearance of conflicts of interests in business transactions should be avoided.

Honesty and Integrity

Glory Benefit(HK) Limited believe in fair and honest business.

The success of Glory Benefit(HK) Limited relies on the integrity of its employees, who abide by the following principles:

No Glory Benefit(HK) Limited employee is allowed to accept any gift or favor, for personal or family gain, from any of the company's customers or suppliers. Failure to comply with this principle will result in immediate dismissal of the employee.

All Glory Benefit(HK) Limited employees are responsible for reporting any corrupt offer made to them or involving the company. Failure to comply with this principle will result in immediate dismissal of the employee.

As an independent professional inspection/audit service provider, we believe that honesty ,integrity and fair play are important assets of our business, and are proud of the staff with the highest standard of integrity.

All Glory Benefit(HK) Limited employees must abide by the Glory Benefit(HK) Limited Code of Conduct and strictly forbidden to solicit or accept advantages of any kind at any time . All Glory Benefit(HK) Limited are aware of this policy and they know that any breach may result in Disciplinary actions.

Professional and Cautious

Work must be carried out according to international inspection standards and the specific instructions of our customers.

Our employees will not disclose confidential information of any kind - including lists of our customers, details about specific transactions or any computer data or programs - to any third party.

We will perform all inspection works in a serious ,careful and cautious manner no matter how complicated ,simple or monotonous they are.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We are committed to abiding by all the national laws, legislation and regulations of the countries in which we carry out inspections and audits.

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