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1, "striving the best to comply with and to satisfy our customers'needs" is the quality objective we are pursuing to "comply" and "satisfy" means we are not only to comply with the specified customer requirement but also consider in satisfying the customers potential needs.

2. All of our activities and business processes based on the corporate principles : fair / integrity / honesty / scientific / cautious.

3. We must acknowledge and earn the trust that our clients put in our firm and our people .we are dedicated to protecting our client's reputation and business.

4. We believe that high quality service and efficient / thrifty cost control operation are the basis of customers' trust and support .

5. we believe that honesty ,integrity and fair play are important assets of our business, and are proud of the staff with the highest standard of integrity . Every one people in the company must maintain the highest ethical standards in his work and day life particularly works in the company .We not only respect for the true spirit of the law but also improve a perfect strict management to exercise .

6. We strive to hire the most ability and integrity people to grow up with Our firm .

We firmly believe that our company belongs to every staff

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